Imee seeks to bring back Kadiwa stores, nutribuns

February 12, 2019
Imee Marcos

ILOCOS Norte Governor Imee Marcos is mulling the revival of some of late President Ferdinand Marcos’ programs including the Kadiwa stores and nutribuns in fighting poverty and high costs of goods on the market.

During the kick-off campaign rally of the candidates under Hugpong ng Pagbabago in San Fernando, Pampanga yesterday, Marcos introduced to the Cabalens her “KKK program or Kain, Komute at Komunikasyon.”

Under her “Kain program”, Marcos said that she is pushing for P27 per kilo worth of rice in the market that will be bought directly from local farmers which they are currently implementing in Ilocos Norte.

She explained that the government should buy the grains from the farmers at P25 per kilo in order for them to get a bigger income with their produce.  Another P1 will be alloted for the millers and P1 for transportation.

“Hindi naman kailangang kumita ng gobyerno sa bigas.  Kung kaya iyan sa Ilocos Norte, kaya din iyan sa buong bansa,” Marcos insisted.

Marcos even said that it is time to re-implement her father’s program, the Kadiwa stores that sell prime commodities at a very low price and the distribution of the fabled nutribuns in public schools to fight hunger.

Under her “Kommute program”, Marcos aims to suspend or slash the 12% VAT in primary commodities including petroleum products to bring down fares of public utility vehicles and goods.

“Imposible? Nakita na natin na pwede ito nang tinanggal ang VAT sa mga gamot sa kolesterol, sa high blood kaya nakita natin na kaya naman pala.  Kaya pwede nating ipatupad sa ibang produkto, tulungan ang maysakit at tanggalin ang VAT sa commute at pamasahe,” Marcos exclaimed.

Citing her “Komunikasyon program”, Marcos intends to trash the VAT on P100 worth of cellphone loads for internet users especially the millenial generation.

“Alam natin na bulok at mahal ang Wifi sa atin, ano kaya kung walang VAT ang unang P100 load, kailangan na kailangan iyan na mabawasan ang presyo at dapat pagandahin ang serbisyo,” she said.

Finally, Marcos greeted the crowd a Happy Valentines Day and advised those who do not have a lovelife to instead focus their love on their children and parents.