Imee wants benefits for barangay workers

December 08, 2018

“ANG gusto namin ni Bongbong, noon pa namin pinupursige na magkaroon at least, ng mga benepisyo ang kapitan.”

Thus said Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos as she acknowleded the hardships of barangay officials.

Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos vowed to pursue legislations that would give appropriate salary and benefits to all barangay workers.

Speaking before barangay officials in Bacolod city, Marcos said that barangay workers in the provinces headed by the chairmen or “Kapitan” are the frontline of public service but are not receiving justifiable compensation.

She cited that many barangay chairmen has been in public service for 2 up to 4 decades from being a kagawad but does not enjoy even health benefits.

At the very least, Marcos said barangay chairmen should have a salary same as other permanent government employees complete with benefits including separation pay, retirement pay, and insurance.

Highlightimg the hardships of barangay chairmen, she explained that the government is always requiring the barangay to implement various laws on peace and order, crime solutions, anti-drug campaign, health service, sanitation and other social services with little compensation.

“Lahat ng aking BADAC (Barangay Anti Drug Abuse Council) hindi natutulog sa kaka-buy bust, kasi kailangan present ang kapitan. Pag anti-littering campaign andyan naman yung kagawad in-charge of education, kapag senior citizen yung social service na kagawad,” she said.

Though barangay workers’ services are considered as volunteerism, Marcos said the actual work are “kayod kalabaw”.

Marcos then also challenged the barangay officials to fight for their rights and she will do everything to alleviate their plights.