Imelda takes graft case to SC

November 27, 2018
Imelda Marcos
Imelda Marcos

FORMER First Lady now Ilocos Norte Rep. Imelda Marcos has decided to bring her case before the Supreme Court to challenge her graft conviction, after the Sandiganbayan failed to resolve her Motion for Leave.

Marcos’ camp yesterday submitted to the Sandiganbayan Fifth Division  a two-page notice informing it to forward to the High Tribunal records of her graft case so she could proceed with her appeal.

“Accused Imelda R. Marcos hereby files this Notice of Appeal, and requests that the records of the instant case be forwarded to the Supreme Court for further proceedings,” Marcos, through her lawyers, told the Sandiganbayan.

According to Marcos, the decision of the Sandiganbayan contradicted the facts of her case and should be elevated to the SC.

“To date, motion for leave filed by the accused has not yet been resolved. With due respect, the accused submits that the decision convicting her is contrary to facts, law and jurisprudence,” she added.

Two weeks ago, the anti-graft court found Marcos guilty of the seven counts of graft and was ordered imprisoned from six to 11 years per count, in connection with the alleged financial interests in Swiss-based foundations during her time as Minister of Human Settlements and interim member of Congress.

The Sandiganbayan also perpetually disqualified her from holding public office. She is running for Governor of Ilocos Norte in the 2019 mid-term elections.

She failed to attend the promulgation of judgment on November 9 and cited various health reasons.

In her  Motion for Leave, the 89-year-old former First Lady had requested the Sandiganbayan to defer the issuance of an arrest warrant, grant the posting of a bail bond for her temporary freedom and contest the sufficiency of the graft conviction.

The Sandiganbayan allowed Marcos to post bail in the sum of P150,000 on November 16 pending resolution of her motion seeking post-conviction remedies.