Improved House rating elates GMA

Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has expressed elation over the improvement of the net satisfaction rating of the House of Representatives.

In an interview Arroyo credited this to the hardworking members of the House for passing several important measures.

“I’d like to give my acknowledgement to the hard work of the congressmen. I think it helps that there are many young congressmen,” she said.

The latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey shows that the net satisfaction rating of the House of Representatives rose by one grade from moderate to good, up by 11 points from +25 in June 2018 to +36 in September 2018.

The 11-point rise in the overall net satisfaction rating of the House of Representatives was due to increases of 21 points in Balance Luzon, and 15 points in Mindanao, combined with decreases of 2 points in the Visayas, and 10 points in Metro Manila.

Arroyo also recognized the energy displayed by the solons during the long and hard hours she has been asking them to undertake.

“And seeing them makes me feel that when their next generation takes over the reigns of government, it will be good and it gives me hope for our country’s future,” the House leader said in an interview after a medical mission and dialogue in Brgy. Escopa, Quezon City.

For his part, Majority Leader Rolando Andaya, Jr. said the increase in the House’s satisfaction rating resulted from the multi-partisan effort of the House to freely debate bills that will benefit the nation.

“When congressmen roll up their  sleeves, work long hours, and keep the lights on until past midnight, as in the case of the marathon budget hearings, they do it not expecting any bump  in survey ratings, but because it is their job,” Andaya said.

“That is the primary motivation.  But if the people view such labor in a positive light, then it is bonus, one that warms our heart and inspires us to work even harder,” he added.