Internet connection in unserved areas pushed

SENATOR Lito Lapid is pushing the establishment of broadband internet connection in all unserved and underserved cities, municipalities and barangays in the country.

Lapid said he recognizes the vital role of the internet in the modern world, especially in terms of information and communication.

The added said all aspects of our social and economic life are now being continually and consistently being  shaped by the internet and its associated technologies.

Telehealth, online education, digital commerce and trading, financial technology or “fintech” – these are just some of the new and innovative ways of doing things brought about by this digital transformation phenomenon, he stressed.

The senator however, sees that the current pandemic highlighted the existing digital divide, with reports that students are deferring returning to school because of lack of internet access and technology at home, anong other financial hardships.

This is the reason why Lapid said he wants all areas in the country to have internet connection.

“Sa kasamaang palad, marami sa ating mga kababayan ang hindi makasabay sa pagtungo natin sa digital age. Problema pa rin ng marami sa atin ang mabilis na internet connection at para sa mga mahihirap nating kapatid, ang pagkakaroon ng internet ay isang bagay na hindi kasama sa kanilang prayoridad lalo sa maliit nilang kinikita.

Problema din ang kuneksyon sa internet sa malalayong lugar o isolated areas. Kaya gusto nating tugunan ang problemang ito sa pamamagitan ng pagsulong na makapagtayo ng pasilidad para sa broadband internet connection sa mga lugar na pinaka-kailangan ito,” Lapid said.

Senate Bill 1598, also known as “Last Mile Broadband Internet Connection Act,” pushes that for every mobile phone number subscription, telecommunication companies are mandated to set up and establish a facility for broadband internet connection in an unserved and underserved city, municipality or barangay.

The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) will be tasked to conduct a study to determine these unserved and underserved  areas in the county, which are in great need of internet connection.

The NTC shall use factors and parameters deemed relevant in identifying such areas.

The NTC will also be the one to report and monitor the compliance to this program.

“Oras na maisabatas ang panukalang ito, inaasahan natin na walang komunidad ang maiiwan pagdating sa internet connectivity. Lalo sa panahon ngayon na hindi na lamang luho ang internet kung isang mahalagang pangangailangan para sa trabaho at edukasyon,” Lapid emphasized.