JBC adopts SC resolution on senior members

October 22, 2018

THE Judicial and Bar Council yesterday exempted senior Supreme Court justices vying for the chief justice post from public interviews.

Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra, an ex-officio member of the JBC, confirmed that the council decided by a majority vote to adopt an SC resolution seeking to exempt senior justices from public interviews.

“The JBC thoroughly discussed the SC resolution in its last two en banc meetings. By a majority vote, the JBC agreed to dispense with the public interviews of senior SC justices vying for the chief justice position, without prejudice to closed-door interviews by members of the JBC,” he bared.

Guevarra said the majority of JBC members believed that all sitting justices “had already been publicly interviewed when they originally applied for the SC positions, and any public inquiry anew on matters pertaining to their SALNs (Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth) and other personal matters in full view of the public thru live media coverage would not serve any substantially useful purpose.”

“It is significant to note that the SC justices who were recently subjected to public interviews for the CJ position also concurred in the SC resolution,” Guevarra said.

Under JBC rules, nominees who have been interviewed by the council are exempted from public interviews for another position within a one-year period.