Labor picks Bong Revilla

May 06, 2019

RETURNING Senator Bong Revilla led the Labor Vote 2019, a recent mock elections conducted by Defend Jobs Philippines, comprising some of the country’s biggest labor groups hailing from different parts of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, conducted in celebration of Labor Day last May 1.

The respondents based their votes on the candidates’ platforms and stand on issues that continue to hound the labor sector at present.

Amidst the labor sector’s long-standing plea for a salary increase, they cited Bong Revilla as the only candidate who has long been advocating for a legislated decent and living wage for workers. They also pointed out Revilla’s agenda seeking decent salaries for teachers, nurses, barangay health workers, as well as other measures for the betterment of workers’ rights and welfare.

The results of the mock polls held from Feb. 12 –May 4 2019 revealed that out of 7,774 respondents, 5,230, or 67.28%, voted for Revilla placing him in the Top three.

Revilla placed 1st in three areas: Ilocos with 605 votes or 81.43% out of 743 respondents; in Laguna with 987 votes or 83.93% out of 1,176 respondents; and in his home province of Cavite with 1,022 votes out of 1,077 respondents or 94.89 %.

Meanwhile, he ranked 2nd in La Union with 202 votes or 60.48 % out of 334 respondents.

Revilla ranked 5th place in three areas: Pangasinan with 344 votes out of 643 respondents or 53.50%; and in Central Luzon with 452 votes out of 879 respondents or 51.42%. In Cordillera Region, Revilla ranked 5th with 232 votes or 53.70% out of the 432 respondents.

Furthermore, he ranked third in three areas: in Rizal with 231 votes out of 350 respondents or 66%; in Bicol Region with 301 votes out of 453 respondents or 66.45% ; and in Metro Manila with 854 votes out of 1,687 respondents or 50.62%.

Revilla was elated with the results of the survey, and vowed to double his efforts in fighting for the causes of the labor sector once re-elected to the Senate.