Lakas junks Albay mayor

January 06, 2019
Lakas-CMD Party President Martin Romualdez
Philippine Constitution Association President and Lakas-CMD Party President Martin Romualdez (center seated) joins his brothers from UPSILON Sigma Phi Batch 85 in a meeting and get-together in Manila Saturday night. Photo by Ver Noveno

The Lakas-Christian Muslim Democrats party has withdrawn support for the candidacy of alleged Batocabe murder ‘brains’

THE Lakas-Christian Muslim Democrats (CMD), a major political party allied with the Duterte administration, has revoked its Certificate of Nomination and Acceptance (CONA) and support for Mayor Carlwyn Baldo as the party’s official candidate in the Daraga, Albay mayoral race.

Lakas-CMD Executive Director Atty. Bautista “Butch” Corpin, Jr. informed Commission on Elections Law Department Director Maria Norina T. Casingal about the decision withdrawing Baldo’s CONA.

“Please be informed that Lakas-CMD is revoking the CONA issued to Mr. Baldo. Hence, Mayor Baldo is no longer the official candidate of LAKAS-CMD for the position of Mayor of Daraga,” Corpin told Casingal in his letter dated January 3, 2019.

“Regretfully, Mayor Baldo has been nominated as the official candidate of Lakas-CMD for Mayor of Daraga, Albay. After deliberations, Lakas-CMD has decided to revoke the nomination of Mayor Baldo as the official candidate of the party,” Lakas-CMD said in a statement.

Copies of Corpin’s letter were also sent to the Provincial Election Supervisor and Municipal Election Officer of Albay and Daraga, respectively.

The decision was reached after the Philippine National Police (PNP) tagged Baldo as the alleged mastermind in the killings of AKO-Bicol party-list Rep. Rodel Batocabe and his security aide, SPO1 Orlando Diaz, after emerging from a gift-giving event for senior citizens at Barangay Burgos in Daraga, Albay last December 22. Lakas-CMD also reaffirmed its commitment to keep the May 13, 2019 midterm elections honest, clean, accurate, meaningful and peaceful amid the expected intense rivalries of candidates.

The party stressed the right of Filipinos to choose their own leaders as the bedrock of democracy.

“Thus, Lakas-CMD strongly condemns the killings of AKO-BICOL party-list Representative Rodel Batocabe and his security aide. Violence in any form and for whatever reason has no place in our democratic institutions,” the Lakas-CMD stressed.

The PNP filed double murder and frustrated murder charges against Baldo and his alleged cohorts in Albay.