Land Transporation Office: No more metal plates in front of motorcycles

Edgar Galvante

THE idea requiring all types of motorcycles  to have bigger metal plates in the front has been scrapped by the Land Transporation Office (LTO) after motorcycle dealers and rider groups insisted during the Senate hearing on the “Doble Plaka Law” or  the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act that  it is unsafe and too costly to implement.

In the hearing, LTO chief Edgar Galvante told motorcycle groups that they are now considering the use of decals, stickers or RFID instead of metal plates.

This was a day after Galvante  showed to the media two prototype metal plates  they were considering for motorcycles.

The pressure came from the united stand of dealers and rider groups.

Edwin Cua, of the Luzon Motorcyclist Federation, said  motorcycles have different and distinct designs in which some sportsbikes do not have space on where to put a sticker or decal.

“Ang design ng motor talagang sa likod lang ang plaka,” Cua explained.

For the Riders of the Philippines group, they  are more agreeable in putting decals to their motorcycles but insisted that the penalties stated in the passed law are too harsh.

They specifically noted the imprisonment penalty and the P50,000 fine provisions in the law.

Cua said severe penalties can also be an instrument of corruption on the part of traffic law enforcers and motorcycle riders will  again be the main target of these abuses.

The Motorcycle Development Program Participant Association (MDPPA) showed a presentation discussing the hazards of  “doble plaka” on motorcycles, explaining the new plates are not suited to the fenders of the MCs.

After the hearing, Senator JV Ejercito vowed to immediately amend the new law specifically the penalties  and  to monitor the creation of the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) in favor of the riders.

“I will ask Sen. (Richard) Gordon. Magpapaalam ako sa kanya na magpa-file ako ng amendments this coming May ng medyo reasonable rates kasi mabigat ang P50,000. Parang presyo na ng motor ‘yan,” Ejercito said.

Republic Act (R.A.) 11235 or the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act, signed by President Rodrigo Duterte last March 8, mandates LTO to issue bigger, readable and color-coded number plates. Motorcycle vehicles also need to attach double plates, which will be installed in front and at the back of the motorcycle.