Las Piñas girl 86th Dengvaxia fatality?

September 19, 2018

ANOTHER death attributed to the Dengvaxia vaccine has been reported.

Claimed to be the 86th victim of the controversial vaccine Razzel Laine Laylay, 14, of Las Piñas died Saturday, Sept.15, at the height of typhoon Ompong’s fury. Laylay was diagnosed with severe dengue. She was inoculated with the vaccine on Oct. 23, 2017. She was brought by her parents several times to the hospital only to be sent home after treatment. 

Laylay had been already showing symptoms of severe dengue including loss of appetite, headache, fever and vomiting of blood.

According to Dr. Erwin Erfe and Dr.Alexis Sulit  of the Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) Forensic Laboratory, the symptoms of the complications of the vaccine include abdominal pain, headache, fever, rashes, bleeding of nose and change in behavior.

Her health continued to deteriorate even while being treated last Sept. 5 to 7th and died later on the 15th of the month.

Among the findings of the PAO forensic team after autopsy are enlargement of the internal organs including heart, kidneys, spleen and pancreas.

Cause of death is severe hemorrhagic dengue and Dengvaxia complications.

Erfe said these deaths could have been avoided through vigilance of stakeholders, including parents, doctors and health officials.

Laylay’s case should have been given special medical attention during early stages especially after the Dengvaxia symptoms were already manifesting on the patient.

He renewed his call to health and medical personnel to fulfill their moral obligation and not to treat as ordinary patients those with Dengvaxia symptoms and previous history of the complications of the vaccine.

He said they are not sowing fear or panic among the public but only underscoring the ill effects of the national health disaster.

Erfe noted that they hate to see more Dengvaxia deaths, pointing out such deaths are only buttressing the cases against those responsible.

“Ang mahirap hindi na natin maibabalik ang buhay ng mga inosenteng mga biktima,” Erfe said as he assured the families of the victims PAO will help them the justice they are seeking.

Dapat agapan ang vaccine complications at obserbahan, at gamutin nang husto, he added.

Take with a grain of salt their findings  including multi internal organ failure and generalized bleeding in the field which are well documented  instead of harboring any ill thoughts or feelings against them, said PAO’s Dr.  Sulit.

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