Lawyers told to set good example during pandemic

August 18, 2020

THE Integrated Bar of the Philippines yesterday called on lawyers to be "good examples of cooperation and proper compliance with rules meant to contain the spread of the COVID-19."

​"We have reminded lawyers to observe precautionary measures and prescribed protocols.  Sometimes a lawyer fails, forgets, commits a mistake, or flaunts the improper," said IBP president Domingo Egon Cayosa.

​Cayosa issued the statement when sought for comment on lawyer Larry Gadon's improper use of face mask in public. He just taped the mask on his face shield.

Gadon said he does not believe that wearing face masks can prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease, saying that the government only “overreacted” to the pandemic’s “paranoia.”

“I don’t believe in mask outdoors, face shield is okay. Masks may be good for small enclosed places like elevators or small conference rooms,” Gadon said in a statement.

“In my case, the mask is only for a show because stores will not allow entry if you don’t have mask,” he added.

“If a mask is really effective, how come there are more than 100,000 people afflicted with COVID? And more than 2,000 dead victims?”

The mandatory wearing of face masks in public was among the health protocols the government imposed to curtail the further spread of the respiratory disease, which has already infected over 160,000 nationwide.