Let priests marry –– Duterte

February 25, 2019
Rodrigo R. Duterte

Amid the burning issue of pedophile clerics, President Duterte says allowing men of the cloth to have wives will help curb sexual abuses by priests.

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte has asked the Catholic Church to allow the priests to marry to stop the sexual abuse committed by churchmen.

In a speech delivered in Cebu on Sunday, President Duterte said that by allowing priests to marry, the tendency of these men to commit sexual abuse would be eliminated.

“Dapat ang pari payagan nga magminyo. Mao na ang solusyon ana,” said Duterte during the distribution of cash grants to Unconditional Cash Transfer (UCT) program beneficiaries from Cebu City.

A bishops summit at the Vatican tackled the shocking revelations of sexual abuses committed by priests.

In his closing address on Sunday, Pope Francis promised action would be taken on every single case of sexual misconduct by clergy, but the generalistic speech was rejected by victims as a “stunning letdown” and “pastoral blah-blah.” (See story on p.6)

Duterte once again took to task the Catholic Church and the bishops for being too critical of his administration, yet, he said, they were incapable of solving the abuses committed by priests.

“Ang thousands of abuses committed nila nga wala nila na-correct. Four out of five priests commit abuse,” he said.

President Duterte also slammed the Church for its opposition to birth control pills, which, he said, had been one of the causes of the overpopulation of the country.
He said that the country’s population had increased at an alarming rate, reaching up to 107 million Filipinos, and pills could help control the growth.

“Mahadlok sa simbahan. Dili sila mosugot anang pills,” said the President.

Duterte said that religion should give way to practicality and the common good.

He also encouraged the Church to allow the government to solve problems through practical means such as encouraging women to use birth control pills to address overpopulation.