Local talks with Reds ‘practical’ — Lacson

Panfilo Lacson
Panfilo Lacson

SENATOR Panfilo “Ping” Lacson agrees with President Rodrigo Duterte on localized talks with the communists  after the national government backed out of the peace talks.

“The President is not ending the peace talks, but simply localizing it, which is a more practical and logical strategic shift,” Lacson said.

Lacson said that it is logical since the country has different geographical areas and different variables in insurgency in terms of influence, strength and threats.

He added even security forces claim that only few local political units still feel the threats and presence of the NPA armed regulars.

“Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to address the peace talks at the national level. After all, Joma Sison in many instances has not shown control over the local insurgents still actively operating in the country,” explained Lacson.

The administration said that localized panels will be formed following the dissolution of the government panel handling the peace talks with the National Democractic Front (NDF).

The localized panels will consist of sectoral representatives, local government units officials and the military.