Luzon workers stranded in barracks to get food aid from CWS

MORE than 4,000 construction workers who are now stranded in their barracks at their respective job sites due to the enforcement of the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) in Luzon will be receiving food assistance from the Construction Workers Solidarity (CWS) party-list starting this week, a lawmaker said on Tuesday.

This was announced by Construction Workers Solidarity (CWS) Rep. Romeo S. Momo, Sr., senior vice-chairman of the House committee on public works and highways, who also donated his salary for two months to add to their organization's fund in buying food items for the stranded workers.

Momo said most of the stranded construction workers are now in Metro Manila, Region 4 A and B, and in Central Luzon.

He added they were stranded and were not able to return home or go back to their respective families after the ECQ was declared in Luzon.

"They are the so-called 'stay-in' in their construction sites. Mayroon silang barracks doon at lingguhan lang sila kung umuwi sa kani-kanilang bahay o pamilya. While those who are from far provinces only leave the job sites after finishing the project. When the enhanced community quarantine was implemented, unfortunately, so many of them were not able to go home," said Momo. Momo added that since most of the construct projects were suspended by the ECQ, these workers are now left without any livelihood.

As such, they can’t even afford to buy their day-to-day meals, said Momo. What is more disheartening, Momo said, is that some employers of these stranded construction workers have 'abandoned' them or did not even bother to check on their situations when the projects were suspended.

"Good thing there are kind-hearted government officials like Senator Sherwin Gatchalian and Mayor Rex Gatchalian of Valenzuela City, and even media organization particularly the Quezon City Press Corps and others, who after learning the sad plight of our beloved construction workers, very willingly extended their helping hands," said Momo.

The CWS party-list representative said that immediately upon repacking, they will proceed with the distribution of the food packs for the distressed construction workers.

Momo said he is hopeful their organization can help all of the distressed workers.