Mayor Sara bucks division of a province

Sara Duterte Carpio

IF Hugpong ng Pagbabago founder and chairperson Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte could have her way she would not allow a province to be divided.

In an interview during the HNP campaign rally in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Mayor Duterte said she is not in favor of dividing one province because this will limit the budget for basic services.

“Kung ako, hindi magandang idea na hati-hatiin ang isang lugar dahil liliit ang budget. Kung liliit ang budget, hindi na magandang idea na gumawa ng bagong LGU,” she said in an interview.

The presidential daughter was asked to comment on the recently signed law that divides Palawan into three provinces.

According to Mayor Duterte, the plebiscite will give the people opportunity to decide if they are supporting the move of the legislative department to create new provinces.

Two days ago, the HNP with Mayor Duterte as campaign manager, courted voters in Palawan.

She said if the government implements properly the Supreme Court ruling on the equal and fair distribution of Internal Revenue Allotment or share in taxes from the national agencies then creating a new province would be acceptable.

“Unless of course, implement ang bagong ruling ng SC na kasali lahat, hindi lang sa IRA, kasali lahat ng taxes kasama na yung customs at sa ibang National government agencies, therefore lalaki ang pera,” she stressed.

“Siguro dapat merong dagdag na option doon sa mga newly created na LGU,” the mayor added.

Just recently President Rodrigo Duterte signed a law dividing western Luzon tourist haven Palawan into three distinct and independent provinces.

Under Republic Act No. 11259, the province is now divided into Palawan del Norte, Palawan Oriental and Palawan del Sur, which shall be the mother province.

“The terrestrial jurisdictions of the newly created provinces shall be within the present metes and bounds of all the municipalities that comprise the respective provinces,” the law states.