Mayor Sara gives cash aid to virus-hit frontliners

DAVAO City Mayor Sara Duterte is donating her one-year salary to a trust fund to help the frontliners of the Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) who have tested positive for the coronavirus.

The mayor has a salary of P2.1 million a year.

In a statement, Mayor Duterte said she felt accountable for the frontliners for making the SPMC the only hospital for coronavirus-positive patients.

The presidential daughter decided to put up the trust fund after SPMC chief Dr. Leopoldo Vega revealed that 12 out of 300 medical workers at the state-run hospital tested positive for the coronavirus.

“Somehow I felt involved because it was me who told the Department of Health that we only use SPMC. When I read the announcement of Dr. Vega that there were 12 (who tested positive) I was heartbroken, so I thought of what I can do for them),” she said in an interview with the Davao City Disaster Radio.

Mayor Sara said she will give P50,000 pesos to each of the SPMC frontliner who tested positive of the coronavirus.

“I know that their worries, fear and inconvenience cannot be compensated in any way but at least they have money to buy things that would make them feel better,” the presidential daughter said.

Meanwhile, Mayor Duterte said that at least 11 of the frontliners have been cleared and discharged from the hospital.

Their admission and medication, like all other patients with coronavirus in Davao City, are being taken care of by the city government.

Meanwhile, the city has a total of 90 COVID-19 cases, 52 recoveries and 14 deaths as of April 13, 2020.