Mayor Sara thanks all who helped Hugong ng Pagbabago

Sara Duterte Carpio

A day after the winning senators were proclaimed by the Commission on Elections, Hugong ng Pagbabago chairperson Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte used her Instagram account to express gratitude to all the people who helped the party succeed.

Nine out of 12 winners of this year’s senatorial race are candidates of HNP and allies of President Rodrigo Duterte.

“Thank you God, all things happen according to your will,” her opening statement said.

She also lauded the HNP volunteers, who resigned from their jobs and left their families in the last 90 days just to be with her on the road to campaign for the bets of HNP.

The HNP team had conducted at least 68 sorties covering the entire country, to which Mayor Sara played as campaign manager.

According to the presidential daughter, at last four areas in Mindanao delivered  12-0 votes for the HNP candidates. These are Davao City. Davao del Sur, Davao Occidental and Misami Occidental.

“Thank you to the Dabawenyos for your patience with me,” she said.

The newly-elected Mayor did not forget her mother and children and thanked for their understanding as she was not at home in the last three months of campaign.

“Thank you to my Mama in making sure my children are ok. Thank you to my children, I know it was difficult, you started to get sick and anxious but you rallied to Mommy’s absence,” she said.

The HNP founder likewise thanked the media for their fair reporting, the HNP local partners for sharing their resources, and the Presidential Security Group for sparing every campaign sortie in order.

“Thank you to the HNP local allies all over the country for spending money and enduring inconveniences to ensure that the senator candidates are heard by your constituent,” she added.

Lastly, she expressed gratitude to the opposition group, whom she described as “Black Hole”, for their failure to destroy her and the candidates of the HNP.

“PS thank you Black Hole for falling into the honesty trap because you are not and people are not forgiving of hypocrisy,” she said.