MIAAA opens COVID-19 hotline

THE Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) opened a COVID-19 hotline to ensure  safe and healthy working environment during the pandemic.

“The government is making efforts to lessen the unwanted impact of the pandemic in our economy.  Being a vital part of the aviation industry, airport must keep its operations going.  Our employees are essential to our operations and the best we can do is give them a safe workplace,” said MIAA General Manager Ed Monreal.

Ramping up its efforts against the pandemic, MIAA created  the COVID-19 Task Force to secure the response of health-related services on suspected cases of COVID-19. 

The Task Force will establish occupational safety and health standards to prevent, control and mitigate the spread of the deadly virus. 

To ensure immediate response, Hotline 3187, a 24/7 extension line, was established where queries of MIAA personnel and  its service providers may be directed.

Precatuionary measures such as “No Mask, No Entry”are strictly implemented at the airport grounds. 

Temperature checks at entry points have been set in place.  When an individual registers a 38-degree centigrade temperature even after five minutes rest, the guard on duty shall advise the Task Force through the COVID-19 hotline for proper response.   

At the workplace, employees shall observe physical distancing, good hand hygiene and cough etiquette. 

They are also encouraged to self-monitor signs and symptoms of COVID-19.  If the exposure to the virus is suspected, the employee is immediately isolated and reported to the COVID-19 hotline.

The responding medical team will assess the employee and depending on the severity of condition, coordination with the nearest hospital or the Barangay Health Emergency Response Team (BHERT) where the employee resides is done.

On confirmed cases of COVID-19, the Task Force orders disinfection procedures at the workplace.

Contact tracing of individuals with probable exposure to the infected person is also conducted. Co-workers who have been exposed to the person are ordered to undergo a 14-day home quarantine and are directed to report to their respective BHERTs for further assessment and monitoring.

After the quarantine period and  testing negative in confirmatory tests, the employee is required to submit a certification from the BHERT, City Health Office or a medical facility recognized by the Department of Health stating that he is fit to report back to work.

As of July 23, MIAA’s total active cases are 41.  Since March 2020 to date, MIAA has a total of 60 COVID cases among its ranks.  19 out of this number have already recovered.