Misuari son new Sulu leader

October 10, 2018
Hadji Uto Karim Misuari and Nur Misuari
Photo by: mindanews.com

AS the filing of certificates of candidacy (CoC) for the 2019 midterm election draws near, local(government and barangay officials, leaders of various political clans, religious and sectoral leaders in the Province of Sulu are now spearheading the signing of a manifesto urging Hadji Uto Karim Misuari, son of MNLF Chairman Nur Misuari, to run as governor of the Province of Sulu.

The signature campaign in support of the manifesto was launched on October 8.

Born amidst the ferments of the ‘70s when his father, Nur Misuari, was leading his intrepid Moro forces against the Marcos regime, Hadji Uto Karim Misuari, who (earned his education in one of the prestigious universities in the Middle East, is widely regarded as the “Son of the Revolution” who is instrumental for the eventual dismantling of the prevailing despotic political leadership in the Province of Sulu.

Hadji Uto Karim Misuari is a promising, young and dynamic leader with unquestionable track(record  for  patriotism  and  undying  love for  Lupah  Sug  and  the  Bangsamoro  people, the(Manifesto stressed.

In what is generally perceived as a desperate desire by the people to elect local officials who (can usher in an era of peace, progress and development for the people in the Province of (Sulu, the Manifesto, now known as the Lupah Sug Manifesto, readily attracts, like a magical wand, the attention of the people in the Province of Sulu.

They are now literally scrambling to sign the manifesto.

For so many decades, the province of Sulu was under the powerful political clan, headed by former Governor Abdusakur M. Tan.

The Manifesto stressed that President Rodrigo Roa Duterte needs a dependable partner in(Sulu who is truly committed to correct the historical  injustice committed against the Bangsamoro people through a no-nonsense  governance that will deliver “Tunay  na(Pagbabago” to the Bangsamoro people.