The more telcos the better — lawmaker

WHILE the third telecommunication company has not yet been chosen, an administration has filed a measure that seeks to ease the entry of more telcos in the country.

In filing House Bill 8134, Quirino Rep. Dax Cua said the government should not just limit the telcos to three but more should be allowed for better service and competition.

Under the measure titled An Act Systematizing Spectrum User Fees Imposed Against Radio Frequency Bands, telco companies who “hoard” frequencies will be penalized.

According to Cua, the US, which has the same limited amount of spectrum, frequencies are assigned to many players.

“They have four major telco companies and many other smaller telco companies,” Cua said.

Meanwhile in the Philippines, the majority of the frequencies are assigned to two players and the companies under their control.

“They have been granted more than enough frequencies but have failed to provide satisfactory service to Filipinos. Surveys show that Filipinos are the least satisfied customers in Asia,” Cua said.