Napolcom opens online exam application schedules

THE National Police Commission (Napolcom) activated the On-Line Examination Application Scheduling System (OLEASS) for the nationwide conduct of the Philippine National Police (PNP) entrance and promotional examinations on October 27.

According to Napolcom vice chairman and executive officer Atty. Rogelio Casurao, OLEASS can be accessed at or

The online application schedule is from July 22 to 26 for PNP Entrance (PNPE) Examination.

Exams for the Police Officer 4th Class (for Police Corporal and Police Staff Sergeant) will be on July 29 while from August 5 to 9 will be for the Police Officer 3rd Class Examination (for Police Master Sergeant, Police Senior Master Sergeant.

The Police Chief Master Sergeant and Police Executive Master Sergeant), Police Officer 2nd Class Examination (for Police Lieutenant and Police Captain) and Police Officer 1st Class Examination (for Police Major and Police Lieutenant Colonel) will also on the same dates.

PNPE Examination is open to all Filipino citizens who are not more than 30 years old and bachelor’s degree holder.

Patrolmen/Patrolwomen whose appointments are temporary for lack of appropriate eligibility are also required to take said entrance exam.

Casurao said that the OLEASS shall be opened at 12 noon onwards on July 22 for the PNPE Examination, July 29 for the Police Officer 4th Class Examination and August 5 for the Police Officer 1st to 3rd Class Examinations.

Meanwhile, due to resource constraints, the Napolcom Regional Offices limit the number of examinees they will accommodate.

Acceptance of online applications shall be on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis and, upon due notice, may be stopped even ahead of the deadline.

The period of filing of applications with complete requirements is from August 19 to September 13.

Examination fee is P400 for the PNPE and Police Officer 4th Class Examinations; P450 for Police Officer 3rd Class Examination; P500 for Police Officer 2nd Class Examination; and P600 for Police Officer 1st Class Examination.

The  Napolcom official said  OLEASS allows PNPE examination applicants to choose the examination center where they want to take the examination regardless of their place of residence.

However, for Promotional Examination applicants, the examination center is automatically assigned by the computer system based on the unit/assignment address provided by the police applicant.

On the other hand, the Promotional Examinations are open exclusively to all qualified uniformed members of the PNP who meet the minimum qualification standards for examination in terms of rank and eligibility.