Nayon execs charged

March 04, 2020

OMBUDSMAN Samuel Martires has ordered the filing of graft charges before the Sandiganbayan against six officials of Nayong Pilipino Foundation, Inc. (NDFI) for accepting free transportation to South Korea three years ago.

Facing charges of violation of Section 3(b) of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices (RA 3019) and Article 211 (Indirect Bribery) are NPFI Chairman of the Board Patricia Yvette Malabanan Ocampo-Desiongco, board members Alicia Manuel, Rex Anthony Villegas, Caroline Lansang, Elizabeth Mercado and Efraim Perez.

The case stemmed from the travel of six officials from September 29 to October 1, 2017 by private jet to and from Jeju Island in South Korea.

Also covered in the invitation were free accommodations offered by Landing International Development Limited (LIDL) for the officials to witness and grace the grand opening of the Shinwa Theme Park.

The Ombudsman found out that the free transportation via private jet and accommodations were extended by LIDL to the NPFI officials while negotiations for a lease contract were ongoing between the two entities.

Under Section 3(b) of R.A. No. 3019, public officials are prohibited from directly or indirectly requesting or receiving any gift, present, share, percentage, or benefit, for himself or for any other person, in connection with any contract or transaction between the government wherein the public officer in his official capacity has to intervene under the law.

Meanwhile, under Article 211 of the RPC, Indirect Bribery is committed by any public officer who shall accept gifts offered to him by reason of office.