NBI task force to probe PhilHealth

August 13, 2020

THE National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) yesterday announced the creation of Task Force PhilHealth that will look into allegations of massive corruption inside the state-run Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth).

NBI Officer-In-Charge (OIC) Eric B. Distor said that he has issued a memorandum order creating the task force that will conduct an investigation into alleged anomalies in PhilHealth. 

Distor added the investigation will include the audit of PhilHealth finances and the conduct of lifestyle checks on its officials and employees.

"Considering that the NBI is still conducting investigation on alleged PhilHealth anomalies, the creation of a task force on this matter will certainly help intensify and hasten the investigation," Distor said in a statement. 

He added that the task force will be composed of agents and investigators from the Bureau's Anti-Graft Division (AGD), Anti-Fraud Division (AFD), Special Action Unit (SAU), Computer Crimes Division (CCD), Special Operations Group (SOG) and Digital Forensic Laboratory (DFL).

The task force shall be headed by NBI-NCR Regional Director Cesar Bacani and shall be under the supervision of Deputy Director for Regional Operations Service (DDROS) Antonio Pagatpat to be assisted by Deputy Director for Investigation Service (DDInvS) Vicente De Guzman III.  

Task Force PhilHealth will report to the Department of Justice (DOJ) on the progress of the investigation, Distor emphasized.

In 2019, the NBI conducted an investigation into PhilHealth regarding the ghost dialysis fees involving WellMed Dialysis and Laboratory Center Corporation (WellMed) and PhilHealth. 

The investigation revealed that WellMed charges PhilHealth for dialysis claims of patient-members who are already dead. As a result of its investigation, the NBI recommended the prosecution of WellMed and PhilHealth officials who conspired in using falsified documents to collect payments from PhilHealth for alleged dialysis of patients-members who are already dead.