NBI warns vs online scammers

April 12, 2020

The National Bureau of Investigation yesterday issued an advisory warning the general public from falling prey to online scammers who are exploiting the situation wherein the country’s already on the edge battling the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The NBI issued these tips from becoming victims of online scammers:

1.) DON'T LET CRIMINALS STEAL YOUR MONEY OR PERSONAL INFORMATION .Beware of it especially scammers and fraudulent emails regarding COVID-19. Scammers will use COVID-19 Pandemic as cover or front to steal your money or your personal information, or both.

2.) DO NOT JUST CLICK ON ANY LINK .Do your research first before clicking on any links purporting to provide any information and updates on the virus, donations, contributions to free food campaign, onliine food purchase or providing personal information to receive money or other benefits.

3.) BE WATCHFUL .Watch out for fake emails allegedly coming from DOH, DTI, RITM or even the IATF-IED and other task forces, law enforcement agencies or other organizations that claim to offer or require information on  COVID-19.

4.) THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK ON THAT LINK. It can deliver malware to your computer and steal personal information or lock your devices or cellphones and demand payment as ransom.

5.) BEWARE OF WEBSITES AND APPS. They that say they can track COVID-19 cases worldwide or related campaign. Criminals will use these apps to infect and lock your devices until payment is made.

6.) LOOK OUT FOR FAKE OR PHISHING E-MAILS Don’t give your personal information especially when it pertains to online banking or on your financial or bank transactions requiring updates on your database. Contact your bank’s website or customer service hotline or post the emails or messages you received and let your bank validate it or file complaints in your behalf to the appropriate government or law enforcement agencies.


1. Treatment scams,2. Supply scams,3. Provider scams, 4. Charity scams,  5. Phishing scams, 6. Apps scams, 7. Bank/Financial scams,8. Investment scams, 9. Online selling , 10. Other modus operandi or other scam methods

PLEASE LET US KNOW. You may Contact the NBI Operation Center at 0961-734-9450 or refer to our NBI Anti-Fraud or Cybercrime Divisions (85238231-38). You may also  post/send a message to our website www.nbi.gov.ph or NBI Facebook account National Bureau of Investigation regarding suspected emails or messages.