No need for birth papers

January 16, 2019
Teodoro Locsin Jr.

FILIPINOS renewing their passports will no longer have to present a copy of the National Statistics Office (NSO)-issued birth certificates.

Foreign Secretary Teodoro L. Locsin, Jr. has signed an order removing the submission of birth certificates as a requirement for passport renewals.

Under the order, the presentation of birth certificates shall no longer be required for regular renewals, except for applications for lost and mutilated passports; those requiring changes in the passport entries; old brown and green passports bearing no complete middle names; and applicants included in the Department’s Watchlist.

DFA Consular Offices across the country and Philippine Embassies and Consulates General abroad may still require additional documentation to ascertain Filipino citizenship.

For minors, proof of identity should be presented and family relations.

The department order will take effect 15 days after it is filed with the University of the Philippines Law Center.

No House probe.

Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo will not support moves of any committee to investigate the passport mess involving passport holders’ data kept by the previous maker.

In an interview, Arroyo said she asked the House Committee on Good Government to just conduct briefings, as part of the oversight functions of the House.

“Investigations are not the job of the House. Inquiries but not investigations. And inquiries have to be in aid of legislation and in reality, what legislation can we introduce in a few months?” Arroyo said.

According to Arroyo, she wanted to pursue her direction of having oversight for the implementation of the projects and even laws passed by Congress.

“I already said that right now what we have to do is to have oversight for implementation and oversights are briefings. They are not investigations. They are not inquiries,” she said.