No whitewash

January 07, 2019
Edward Carranza

NO whitewash in the investigation.

This is the assurance Philippine National Police Regional Office 4A head Chief Supt. Edward Carranza yesterday gave the families of Richard Santillan and Gessamyn Casing who died in an alleged shootout in Cainta, Rizal last month.

Carranza also called on the family of Santillan and Casing to participate in the investigation by an independent police unit.

“I invite the family of Mr Richard Santillan and Ms. Gessamyn Casing including their respective counsels to participate in the investigation being conducted by the Regional Internal Affairs Service (RIAS) 4A,” Carranza said.

The official stressed that RIAS 4A is an independent investigating body which has the motu proprio power to determine if there were violations committed during the incident by the police operatives.

“In the spirit of transparency and cooperation, I encourage their families to join us,” Carranza added.

He also said that RIAS is currently in the process of summary dismisssal proceedings, identifying liabilities and determining the pieces of evidence that will warrant the filing of criminal or administrative charges.

“This is if it will be proven that there was indeed negligence on the part of our policemen,” Carranza explained.

Santillan and Casing were both killed in an alleged shooting encounter with policemen in Floodway, Brgy. San Andres, Cainta, Rizal after midnight of December 10, 2018.

The police alleged that the duo were members of the notoriOus robbery group “Highway Boys” and tried to escape after they were not able to present documents for the Toyota Fortuner they were riding. The police also alleged that Santillan engaged them in a shootout.

Santillan is the driver/bodyguard of former Biliran Rep. Atty. Glenn Chong who has said that Santillan is not a member of a syndicate because he has been with him in many years. He also suggested that he actually may have been the target of the police operation because of his poll fraud cases and added his aide’s death may be politically motivated.

He also claimed that the police may have tortured his bodyguard first before killing him.

Carranza had earlier rebutted this saying that Santillan could have never been 24/7 with Chong.

He vowed to ensure that justice is served, stressing there is an official scientific-based investigation by a team of forensic and crime lab experts to dig deeper into the case.

Carranza called for fact-based probes and avoiding mere speculations of an alleged shootout based on the bullet trajectory, perforations in Chong’s car and the gunshot wounds in the victims’ bodies.

He also assured that the findings by the crime laboratory and the Public Attorney’s Office would be challenged in court and even allowed his uniformed personnel to testify based on their operational procedures and face charges. He added that police initial reports have been relayed to the concerned families who are following the investigations.

He later urged those concerned not to use the victim for political ends and the PNP organization for media mileage.