Not one piece of evidence

December 13, 2018
Bong Revilla Jr.
Bong Revilla Jr.

ATTY. Estelito Mendoza, the lead defense lawyer of Sen. Bong Revilla, explained in detail yesterday the very clear message of the Sandiganbayan’s decision last Friday.

He reiterated that the court found no single piece of evidence that Sen. Bong received any amount of kickbacks or commissions from the “ghost projects” of Napoles’ alleged Non-Governmental Organizations.

He explained that the Anti Money Laundering Council is very strict in implemeting its rules, one of which is that every suspicious transaction should be reported at once. Since none of the banks reported any suspicious transaction, and no freeze order was ever issued against the accounts of Revilla, any and all these bank transactions were legal and regular. There was no connection whatsoever that the deposits of Revilla’s accounts came from Napoles or the PDAF.

Atty. Mendoza even lamented that every time he passes by Camp Crame, he feels desperate that an innocent man is being detained there.

His other counsels, Attys. Carlos Villaruz and Reody Balisi, also stressed that Revilla is not civilly-liable and was not ordered by the Sandiganbayan to return the amount of P124.5M. If Sen. Revilla is not criminally liable, how can he be civilly liable. If the court found that he did not receive any kick back or commission, then what is there to return?