One female gets raped every 72 minutes in Philippines -- Gabriela

Rape victim

A woman or child is raped every 72 minutes in the Philippines or at least 20 reported rape cases daily, based on the latest official data which Gabriela Women’s Party-list group said remained essentially unchanged from the previous years.

Citing the Philippine National Police (PNP) crime statistics during the first five months of 2018, Gabriela Rep. Arlene Brosas said there were 2,962 reported rape cases from January to May last year.

She noted that the real figure might be higher since victims do not normally report to the police.

“Despite the Duterte regime’s unrelenting campaign against drugs and criminals, rape statistics in the Philippines remains troubling, with one Filipina raped every 72 minutes, and thousands more sexually harassed especially in public places,” said Brosas.

“Duterte’s macho-fascist remarks and consistent use of rape jokes, to the point of even exhorting soldiers to commit the crime, do not make this situation any better,” she added.

The Gabriela lawmaker also noted that men in uniform themselves are entangled in sexual assault cases, with at least 56 policemen tagged in rape and sexual abuses of women and children since Duterte came into power.

Gabriela vowed to intensify its push for its bill strengthening of the Anti-Rape Law to address special situations wherein the victim is unable to give consent due to her mental or physical state, or when the perpetrator uses machinations to force the sexual act.

The women’s party-list group also marked yesterday with a stronger call for the Anti-sexual Harassment Law Amendments’ passage, which has already hurdled the bicameral conference panel and is awaiting the President’s signature.

The measure will cover gender-based violence in public places, online sexual harassment, and peer-to-peer offenses in the workplace and academic institutions.