Padaca joins rep. Dy

October 15, 2018

To ‘fight corruption’ in Isabela.

FORMER Isabela governor and poll commissioner, Grace Padaca, has agreed to re-enter politics in her native province of Isabela, this time as the running mate of third district representative, Napoleon ‘Pol’ S. Dy.

“After four years of being away from public service, without a government position, I cannot do much. Here is an offer to be able to do something,” said Padaca in a statement.

Padaca would be pitted against Gov. Faustino ‘Bojie’ Dy III, who is sliding down to the vice gubernatorial post as the running mate of first district representative, Rodolfo ‘Rodito’ Albano III, who would slug it out with Pol Dy, Bodjie’s brother, for the gubernatorial post.

The former broadcaster revealed that she agreed to be the running mate of Pol Dy after the solon showed that he is “serious about exposing corruption and anomalies in the provincial capitol.”

Padaca said that while she had initial concerns about running with Rep. Dy, her sentiments changed “when they started talking about actually filing cases in court... to expose the unbridled anomalies in the (provincial) capitol.”

“For me, it has never been a desire to be on top or in power. It has and will always be, what can I do to help bring about the kind of government that our people deserve. I know this is another difficult fight.”

The respected reformist said she was “aware” there were those who would view her partnership with Rep. Dy in an unfavorable light, but stressed that her battle against corruption “is more important” than the people’s perception of her decision.

“What use is political capital if not to risk it for something better?

“What good is reputation if you keep it unblemished for one’s legacy later while your people continue to be exploited?”

Reacting on Padaca’s decision, Rep. Dy said that he was happy the former governor had agreed to be his running mate and his “partner for change.”

“With former Gov. Padaca on our side, we are now even more hopeful that we can be successful in our campaign to rid Isabela of corruption and to address the anomalies under the current provincial administration,” said the solon.

Rep. Dy said that under Gov. Bojie Dy, the provincial capitol has been involved in anomalous infrastructure projects like the yet-to-be finished P1.6 billion, ‘Isabela-Divilacan Road Project’ and the alleged “ghost delivery” of relief goods for calamity victims.

“It is time to put a stop to these practices. The people of Isabela deserve better––they deserve a provincial government that will value their welfare above the selfish interests of those who want to enrich themselves in public office,” the legislator said.

Rep. Dy emphasized that should he and Padaca win in 2019, they would pursue the cases against those involved in corruption in their province.