Peña bats for fair play, calls group to avoid mudslinging in Makati

February 24, 2019

Former Makati City Acting Mayor Kid Peña has called on fellow local candidates to avoid mudslinging in the barangays and instead lay out their respective agenda and good platform of governance for the benefit of Makati residents.

Peña made the appeal following a spate of re-posted videoclips depicting his rival and other candidates in bad light.

“I humbly appeal to all fellow aspirants to refrain from character assassination and level the playing field. Let us raise the moral bars in our beloved Makati. Politics is truly toxic and intense, yet, should not and never be personal,” said the former acting mayor.

Peña said these are same old issues that had already created wounds in the past so there’s no need to rub them in to villify the involved personalities.

He also urged warring supporters to stay calm at all times to prevent divisiveness and violence.

Let  us set a new standard in Makati politics wherein the qualification of candidates is on the centerstage and not influenced by cheap talk and trolling.

“All of us love Makati. It would be nice, if we promote a fair and square contest and let the people decide based on the merits of their chosen candidates,” he added.

Peña is already on his second wave of home visitation in the 20 barangays of Makati City’s first district.

He is certain that the output of support they’re getting is a positive indication that he will win big over his rival.

But the former mayor is not considering it a walk in the park. He is tirelessly serving the residents on a 24/7 basis and conducts weekly dialogues among different sectors.

Since July 2016, Peña has been spearheading moral recovery campaign and promote good character building among Makati’s youth. Likewise, parents and guardians are given responsible parenthood trainings and seminars to promote happy households in the community.