PH jobs picture brighter — Department of Labor and Employment

THE Department of Labor and Employment has reported the employment situation in the country has improved as a result of government’s job creation efforts and enforcement of laws to protect workers.

Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III said the positive gains in the employment situation in the country are attributed to the nationwide conduct of job fairs, which is among the major interventions of the government in getting more Filipinos employed, as well as in bringing down the country’s unemployment rate.

“The improving employment situation of the country is the manifestation of the effectiveness of our employment facilitation services in getting more Filipinos employed. Also more Filipino workers are now enjoying remunerative and stable employment with the strict implementation of laws that ensure the protection and security of our workers,” he said.

Based on the April 2019 Labor Force Survey conducted by the Philippine Statistics Authority, 1.346 million jobs were generated for 2019, making a total of 42.242 million employed Filipinos, which is 3.3 percent higher than the 40.896 million employed Filipinos recorded last year.

Unemployed persons dropped by 75,000, a 5.1 percent or 0.4 percent decrease from the 5.5 percent unemployment rate in April 2018 – the lowest unemployment rate recorded since 2009.

The April 2019 LFS also noted positive progress in the quality of employment as the number of remunerative and stable wage workers increased by 2.6 percent, reaching 26.7 million secured workers.

Also, underemployed persons significantly reduced by 1.226 million, a 17.7 percent or 0.7 decrease from the 17.0 percent underemployment rate in April 2018.

Overall improvements in the underemployment rate were attributed by the strengthened employment facilitation and services of the administration, including the conduct of job fairs nationwide, the utilization of PhilJobNet, an online job portal for jobseekers, as well as the increase in the regional wages of employed workers.

However, despite the decrease in the number of unemployed workers, underemployment remains a challenge with 1.001 million unemployed youth aged 15-24 years old.

“The labor department will remain relentless in uplifting the quality of life of every Filipino worker and their families by strengthening our employment facilitation services and enhancing our social protection programs for our workers. We are also consistent in pushing for the passage of the security of tenure bill to stop all forms of abusive employment practices that continue to immerse our workers in a quagmire of poverty and underemployment,” Bello said.