Philconsa Romualdez hail Martires

September 27, 2018
Martin Romualdez
Philippine Constitution Association President and former Leyte Rep. Martin Romualdez delivers a message of hope and inspiration during the 57th anniversary celebration of the Philippine Constitution Association at the Manila Golf and Country Club in Makati City Wednesday night. Romualdez stressed that during his watch, the Philconsa had the providential opportunity, in different fora, to inform,educate and inspire the public to understand and appreciate the constitution. Other photo shows Romualdez (left), Ilocos Norte Rep. Imelda Marcos (2nd left), Leyte (1st Dist) Rep. Yedda Marie K. Romualdez (2nd right) and Mrs.Juliette Gomez-Romualdez (right) beaming in a historic moment with Ombudsman Samuel Martires (center)  during the event. Martires said in his speech that he will issue a memorandum prohibiting resident auditors from releasing to politicians copies of audit observations memorandum to avoid corruption. Photo by VER NOVENO

For strong advocacy vs corruption, roles as protector of people, defender of charter.

THE Philippine Constitution Association (Philconsa), the country’s oldest and respectable association of legal luminaries, on Wednesday night welcomed the commitment of Ombudman Samuel Martires to pursue his core platforms against corruption.

“Philconsa is confident our Speaker, being a stalwart believer and defender of the Constitution, will use his office to serve as protector of the people against the monstrous and endemic graft and corruption that has infected the entire bureaucracy,” Romualdez, a three-term Leyte congressman, told the crowd in welcoming Martires as Philconsa’s guest of honor and speaker during its 57th anniversary held at the Manila Golf and Country Club in Makati City.

“On behalf of Philconsa’s Board of Governors, officers and members, it is a great pleasure for me to welcome one and all; and a great/distinct privilege to extend a heartfelt welcome and congratulations to our guest of honor and speaker, the Honorable Ombudsman Samuel Martires, former associate justice of the Sandiganbayan and later associate justice of the Supreme Court,” said Romualdez.

Martires vowed to implement reforms on the delays in the disposition of cases, alleged involvement of some of its prosecutors in corruption, and that he would never allow any group or party to use his office as an instrument of political persecution.

Romualdez reaffirmed Philconsa’s commitment to defend and protect the 1987 Constitution amid perceived threats of destabilization such as “Red October” against the duly constituted government.

He said the Constitution serves as a “Bible of good governance” and “beacon of light” in ensuring the country’s political and economic stability.

“Philconsa was able to achieve and pursue its mission and vision to defend, preserve and protect the Constitution, or more importantly, promote and inspire obedience of the Constitution at all times and for all occasions,” said Romualdez. “Mabuhay ang Bayan -- Patibayin ang Philconsa!”

“The anniversary of Philconsa is the propitious time: to renew our faith and resolve that Philconsa will continue its patriotic mission and vision and remain loyal to the Constitution; to express my gratitude to the members who, in their respective fields of expertise, have unselfishly and wholeheartedly supported Philconsa in its nationalistic undertakings; and to remember and honor the distinguished and respected twenty-five past Presidents of Philconsa who, in their respective terms, shepherded the Philconsa,” Romualdez pointed out.

During his watch, Romualdez said “Philconsa has the providential opportunity, in different fora, to inform, educate and inspire the public to understand and appreciate the Constitution to impact on good governance.”

“To live the spirit of the Constitution, one must know the importance and   relevance of the Constitution; one must believe and have faith in the Constitution; and one must be ready to live, to fight and even to sacrifice life so that the Constitution remains pristine and untarnished by the cankerous or caustic politics and politicians,” he explained.

“Philconsa encourages and invites other professionals imbued with patriotic duty and necessity to protect, defend and preserve the Constitution, to join in Philconsa’s crusade to impregnate and promote better understanding of the Constitution as the touchstone of what is legally right and morally correct in the governance of the state and the welfare of the people,” Romualdez added.

Former Justice Pedro Tuazon led Philconsa’s founders and organizers.

Aside from Romualdez, some of the notable leaders of Philconsa are retired Court of Appeals (CA) Justice Manuel “Lolong” Lazaro as chairman and chief executive officer, and former Chief Justice Reynato Puno as President Emeritus and other legal luminaries.