Philippine Red Cross all geared up for New Year emergencies -- Gordon

December 29, 2018
Richard Gordon
Richard Gordon

THE Philippine Red Cross (PRC) is on 24/7 standy-by to respond to  any emergency situations during the welcome for the New Year.

“We have people working 24 hours. Our 150 ambulances nationwide are on stand-by ready to respond to emergency situations. Our firetrucks and water tankers are on alert. Our blood banks are open even during holidays,” PRC Chairman Richard Gordon said

PRC’s life-saving assets, manned by dedicated staff and volunteers, are on duty round-the-clock to attend to emergency cases.

Gordon urged the public to refrain from celebrating the New Year with fireworks.

Doing so can eliminate fire hazards aside from being environment friendly by reducing the smoke emitted by fireworks. The smoke poses a health hazard especially to individuals suffering from asthma.

“Have a healthy lifestyle. Don’t burn your money. Instead, celebrate the New Year with your families simply, spending time with them. Let us welcome the New Year resolving to support different humanitarian programs,” Gordon said.

PRC also reminded Filipinos who are travelling for the long weekends to observe road safety by checking “BLOWBAGETS,” which stands for breaks, lights, oil, water, battery, air, gas, engine, tires, and self.

The organization also issued the following safety tips:

When using fireworks

1. Use only authorized firecracker products.

2. Follow the manufacturer’s instruction on the labels.

3. Use a flat and solid surface with no dry grass when lighting firework products.

4. DO NOT USE matches, candles, lighters, sparklers and cigarettes to ignite the firecracker. Use punk incense sticks instead to avoid catching the blast on your hands.

5. When the firework strand ignites, MOVE AWAY. Do not stand over it.

6. When the fireworks device fails to ignite, do not attempt to re-light it. Pour water onto the fireworks.

7. Allowable fireworks should ONLY be used at designated firecrackers area in barangays or communities.

What to do with fireworks burn

1. Run injured body part, e.g., hand, in cold running water to reduce the heat level. Doing this helps clean the wound and reduce the damage.

2. Carefully dry the burned area with a clean dry cloth

3. Apply a topical burn spray or ointment to the burned area.

4. Wrap the wound with a clean and wet sheets or gauze to prevent infections.

5. Bring the patient to a hospital or other medical treatment facility, if needed.