Philippine Red Cross safety reminders for Black Nazarene devotees

January 07, 2019

WHILE geared up for a full force operation, the Philippine Red Cross issued safety reminders for devotees who will join the Traslacion 2019 of the Black Nazarene procession on January 9.

PRC Chairman Senator Richard J. Gordon said that while the PRC is fully prepared for its Black Nazarene operation, they are still advising the public to avoid untoward incidents to ensure their safety and well-being on Wednesday.

“We are in full force. We have our first aiders, rescuers, equipment, vehicles as well as our volunteer doctors and nurses to man the whole stretch of the Traslacion proceedings. Our objective is to ensure the safety, health, and well-being of the devotees during the height of the massive gathering. But we are also reminding the public to keep safe,” he said.

Here are some of PRC safety reminders for Black Nazarene devotees:

Know the route of the procession.

Inform your family members that you are participating in the feast and your other whereabouts.

Advise your family to secure your house before leaving. Unplug all electrical appliances.

Be physically and mentally prepared.

Pregnant women and persons who are sick are advised to stay at home and rest.

Be sure to have an ID, medical information, and emergency contact numbers with you.

Bring your medications.

Wear proper clothing and footwear. Avoid wearing expensive jewelries and bringing expensive electronic devices.

Avoid alcoholic beverages. Do not bring sharp objects.

Make sure you have eaten before going to the feast, and bring extra candies and biscuits. Bring your own water for the duration of your participation.

Bring protective gears against the heat and rain, such as caps and umbrellas.

Beware of the possible hazards around you during the procession (i.e. motor vehicles, falling debris etc.)

Know where you are at all times. When coming by groups, assign a designated meeting point in case someone gets lost.

Stay away from a disorderly group or people.

Maintain proper distance to avoid unnecessary injuries. Plan a safe exit path.

If there is untoward incident, do not panic and take cover for any threats/hazards.
Know the location and means of access towards medical stations, police stations, and other available emergency authorities within the area.

Know your local emergency numbers in case of emergency. Contact Red Cross hotline 143 or 790-2300.

“Keep in mind these reminders to ensure your personal safety and well-being,” Gordon advised devotees.