Philippines bans importation of pig skin leather from swine fever-infected countries

January 29, 2019

THE importation of pig skin leather from countries affected by the African swine fever, including China, has been temporarily banned. 

In Memorandum Orders No. 23 and 26 series of 2018 issued by Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol, the importation of domestic and wild pigs and their products were banned as emergency measures to prevent the entry of ASF virus into the Philippines and protect the Philippine Hog Industry.

“ASF is a severe threat to the swine industry and its introduction threatens food security and challenges the livelihoods of pig producers. Because of the continuing outbreaks in China, leather of pig origin is temporarily banned,” said Piñol adding that ASF virus can survive up to 300 days in skin/fat (even dried).

Piñol explained that the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) is now conducting risk assessment on the introduction of ASF virus through importation of leather products from China.