Philippines renews vow to protect environment

February 02, 2019

THE Philippines renewed its commitment to protect the environment during the “Towards the Global Pact for Environment (GPE)” session at the United Nations Office in Nairobi.    

Head of the Philippine delegation and Ambassador to Kenya Uriel Norman R. Garibay reiterated the country’s position that there already exists an integrative framework for bringing together the global community’s work on the environment.

This is the 2030 Agenda on the sustainable development goals which brings together the social, economic and environmental spheres to support human development in a sustainable manner. Garibay stressed the main concern is the delivery of commitments, anchored on the principle on “Common but Differentiated Responsibilities” (CBDR).

Garibay also thanked the UN Secretary-General for his report on the Gaps in International Environmental Law and Environment-related Instruments.

The envoy assured the meeting of the Philippines constructive engagement in the GPE process, saying the process cannot be rushed and that the same should be transparent and consultative.

He stressed that the engagement of the Philippines in the process is with the understanding that there will be no re-negotiation of already agreed principles and commitments; no disruption or distraction from the continuing implementation of existing international environment agreements; and no dilution or backtracking of existing internationally commitments on the protection of environment.

Other members of the PH delegation to the session included Minister Leila C. Lora-Santos of the Philippine Mission to the United Nations in New York and May Ofrasio of the Philippine Embassy in Nairobi.