Pinoy workers defended

Special envoy to China Tulfo scored over ‘unpatriotic’ criticism of Filipino workers.

A PARTY-LIST congressman representing the labor sector has accused Special Envoy to China Ramon Tulfo of betrayal and being unpatriotic over his statement that Filipino workers are lazy and slowpokes.

Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) Rep. Raymond Democrito Mendoza said, “Mr. Tulfo should have known these better than any of us because he was a newspaperman all his life and he witnessed how workers highly contributed to the welfare of our country.”

“These statements are uncalled for, unpatriotic and acts of betrayal to his countrymen particularly to Filipino workers who built and continues to build our economy and the economies of other countries whether they work here or abroad,” said Mendoza, president of the TUCP.

Mendoza defended Filipino workers, stressing they are effective and known for its efficiency globally.

“Filipino workers are not what Special Envoy Ramon Tulfo has said. World history, many governments and countless private contractors and project owners are testifying that Filipino workers are world class working people,” Mendoza pointed out.

“They are the most sought after type of workers compared to other nationalities because of their high quality of doing their work and because of the ingenuity, diligence, creativity and hard work they put into every task they are into,” Mendoza stressed.

“Because of these, Filipino workers’ dedication, diligence and creativity are known to have built the entire Middle East economies, most parts of Asia, and key parts of America and Europe,” said Mendoza.

Earlier, Tulfo said Filipino workers are not effective compared with the well-disciplined Chinese workers.

He said the influx of foreign workers in the country was due to employers’ preference.

Tulfo refused to apologize, stressing he was only telling the truth.