PNP disputes claim airport cops in money smuggling

THE Philippine National Police has sought a much deeper investigation into allegations of involvement of policemen in the entry of so-called “dirty money” through the airports.

“The PNP takes strong exception to the information shared by the Bureau of Customs that policemen facilitated the smuggling of foreign currency through the airport,” PNP spokesman Brigadier General Bernard M. Banac  said in a press statement.

Banac said “this is a serious matter that deserves to be thoroughly investigated because allegedly, policemen are involved.”

“An internal investigation can be initiated by the PNP if only BOC can provide more substantial information or leads to validate the information,” he explained amid claims that some policemen are escorting Chinese POGO personalities smuggling millions of different currencies into the country.

The PNP spokesperson said that “smuggling happens at the airside area of the airports where inbound and outbound passengers and cargo are processed by different agencies to comply with security, immigration, customs and other administrative requirements for foreign travel.”

“The airside area of the airport is not among the areas of operation of the PNP,” Banac clarified.

“It should be understood that the PNP unit assigned at the airport, the PNP Aviation Security Group, provides only general law enforcement and public safety functions at the landside area of the airport which is open to the public. PNP personnel can only enter the highly controlled airside areas of the airport when called upon by airport authorities,” he added.