PNP explains ‘fluctuating numbers’ of COVID-19 patients

NEW classification standards set by the Department of Health is the reason behind the fluctuating number of Philippine National Police personnel who have tested positive for COVID-19, the PNP Health Service said yesterday.

“The fluctuating numbers are because of the DOH reclassification. There are no more Persons Under Monitoring while Persons Under Investigation were subdivided into Suspect and Probable,” said PNP-HS director, Brigadier General Herminio S. Tadeo Jr.

“This change caused the reports to have shifting  numbers as patients have been moved from another category to another. Besides, the number of PUIs decrease when results of testing confirm that they are either COVID-positive or COVID-negative,” the official said.

On Wednesday, the PNP-HS said 55 police personnel have been infected by COVID-19 with five more addition to the list.

The five new cases are the following: two from Laguna; one from Muntinlupa City; one from Taguig City; and one from Bulacan province.

Tadeo emphasized that close monitoring is being observed for 105 PNP personnel who are now considered as Probable Persons Under Investigation (Probable PUIs) which include 20 Police Commissioned Officers, 84 Police Non-Commissioned Officers and one Non-Uniformed Personnel

In addition, he said a total 456 personnel were recommended as Suspected Persons Under Investigation (Suspected PUIs) composed of 99 PCOs, 320 PNCOs and 37 NUPs.

At present, there are eight policemen who have recovered from the disease, Tadeo said

The official said that on its second week of operation, the National Headquarters PNP COVID-19 Patient Care Center at the Kiangan Billeting Center has already admitted 20 PNP personnel listed as PUIs for self-quarantine.

They include six PCOs, 12 PNCOs, one NUP and one civilian. Tadeo said that the  Spring Hotel also accommodated 93 PNP personnel composed of 15 PCOs, 57 PNCs, 12 NUPs and nine civilians for quarantine.