PNP on high alert

September 21, 2018

AMID monitored moves by forces opposed to the Duterte administration, all geared at polarizing the nation and attracting support for their cause, the Philippine National Police yesterday went on high alert ready to keep peace and order amid planned protests by Left-led groups in today’s 46th anniversary of the Martial Law declared by former President Ferdinand Marcos in 1972.

There have been information that the political opposition are determined to overthrow President Duterte and won’t stop until he is out of office and indicted for the things they accused him of specifically of alleged human rights violations as a result of his unrelenting war against illegal drug trafficking and abuse.

“Motivated by different shades of vested interests, various groups monitored to be led by the CPP/NPA/NDF will hold various protests in Metro Manila and other key cities on 21 September to vainly try to embarrass and undermine a popular administration of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. They will latch on to various political and economic issues already being addressed by the government,” PNP spokesman, newly-promoted Chief Superintendent Benigno B. Durana Jr. said in a press conference.

“While we may not agree with these minority’s sentiments, we will make sure they would be able to fully and freely exercise their constitutional rights to freedom of assembly and expression. But to root for and help government fail or incite others to bring it down are not only violations of the Revised Penal Code but also acts of rebellion against what God has established,” Durana added.

According to the official, PNP chief, Director General Oscar D. Albayalde has ordered the fielding of a 4,000-strong Civil Disturbance Management (CDM) contingent in Metro Manila as a preemptive move in response to the situation.

The CDM contingent will ensure order and rule of law in today’s mass actions. Another 1,000-strong reserve force will be on standby at the National Headquarters ready to be deployed on short notice to where they will be needed,” he added.

Durana said that ‘these CDM units are under strict orders to observe maximum tolerance, observe and protect human rights and adhere to prescribed rules of engagement contained in the Police Operational Procedures, and provisions of Batas Pambansa 880 or the Public Assembly Act of 1985.’

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