PNP-HPG to users of illegal sirens, blinkers: Remove gadgets before it’s too late

March 06, 2019

ACTING on orders of Philippine National Police chief, Director General Oscar D. Albayalde, the PNP Highway Patrol Group headed by Chief Superintendent Roberto B. Fajardo has stepped-up its crackdown on violators of Presidential Decree 96 or those illegally using sirens, blinkers and other gadgets on their motor vehicles .

“We are calling on all motor vehicle owners who have fitted their cars, motorbike and SUVs with illegal sirens, blinkers and other unauthorized gadgets to immediately remove them or they will have trouble with the law once we spot them on the streets,” said Fajardo.

The official has ordered the HPG National Capital Region Unit and the other 16 Regional Highway Patrol Units to see to it that they fully enforce PD 96 which prohibits the use of sirens, bells, horns, whistles or other similar gadgets that produce exceptionally loud or startling sound, including dome lights, blinkers, and other similar signaling or flashing devices.

“We are moving forcefully against the indiscriminate use of prohibited sirens, bells, horns, whistles, or similar gadgets that produce staggering sounds; as well as illegal dome lights, signaling or flashing devices,” Gen. Albayalde said.

Under PD 96, sirens and blinkers can only be used on motor vehicles designated for official use of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, National Bureau of Investigation, Land Transportation Office, Bureau of Jail Management and Penology, Bureau of Fire Protection and hospital ambulances.

Also being targeted by the PNP-HPG crackdown are private vehicles of local government units and private security agencies which have been illegally equipped with sirens and blinkers and ‘bullying’ their way into the busy streets of Metro Manila and the rest of the country.

Violation of PD 96 may be penalized with cancellation or revocation of the certificate of registration of the motor vehicle involved. Fajardo said that drivers/owners of motor vehicles found to be using illegal sirens and blinkers are being requested to remove the gadgets on the spot.

Official receipts are then issued to the confiscated gadgets. Repeat offenders will find themselves facing charges which could lead to the revocation of their motor vehicle registration and driver’s license.

There’s no way out too for violators who will not be apprehended on the streets by the PNP-HPG. Officials said once there is a complaint against a siren or blinker-using motor vehicle and the plate number is recorded, HPG investigators can easily track down the address of the violator thru a check with the Land Transportation Office.

Officers will then visit the violator’s address and invite him to the PNP-HPG headquarters if he won’t personally remove the banned gadget from his vehicle.

Gen. Albayalde  had also said that candidates who will defy his order for them to refrain from using unauthorized gadgets on their vehicles will find themselves facing their worst fear: that of being recommended for disqualification before the Commission on Elections.

“Katakot-takot na ang reklamo na natatanggap ko laban sa wang-wang. Yung mga civilians na matigas ang ulo, siguradong makukumpiska ang kanilang sasakyan. Sa mga politico naman, we will recommend their disqualification by the Comelec,” the PNP chief said.

The PNP chief has ordered the PNP-HPG to launch an intensified crackdown on unauthorized motor vehicles equipped with sirens and blinkers including those being used in convoys and motorcades of candidates in the May elections.

Gen. Albayalde said he issued the directive amid persistent reports on violations by convoys and motorcades of political parties and candidates for the 2019 mid-term elections in the countryside.

Following the complaints, the PNP chief also reminded candidates and parties to observe road safety protocol and courtesy when holding campaign motorcades and convoys to prevent accidents and unnecessary inconvenience to other motorists.   

The PNP-HPG  likewise advised organizers of large convoys and motorcades to coordinate their activities with local government units and local PNP offices.