PNP launches Bayanihan Fund Challenge to help fight COVID-19

THE Philippine National Police leadership yesterday officially launched its own Team PNP Bayanihan Fund Challenge aimed at raising millions out of voluntary contribution from officers and men of the 205,000-strong force to help support the government fight against the deadly COVID-19 disease, the Journal Group learned.

Officials who spoke to the Journal Group said that the fund-raising campaign is purely voluntary and there won’t be any automatic deduction from the salary and other allowances of the police. It simply appeals on the patriotic duty of the police regardless of their rank and position knowing in full that individual policemen have more than enough to spare to help the government and the people.

PNP chief, General Archie Francisco F. Gamboa, came up with the idea which was fully supported by the PNP Command Group led by PNP Deputy Chief for Administration and commander of the  Administrative Support to COVID-19 Operations Task Force.

The PNP Bayanihan Fund Challenge is a noble project which calls on all PNP officers and men to practice the spirit of volunteerism and raise awareness that as a united organization, they will make a very big difference as the country is being confronted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Initially, star-rank police officers and colonels holding key positions in the PNP have pledged 50 percent of their base pay for the cause. Gen. Gamboa’s monthly base pay is P149,785 while members of the PNP Command Group or the three PNP Lieutenant Generals have a monthly base pay of P!25,574.

Others have the following base pay: Major Generals-P102,896; Brigadier Generals-P91,058; Colonels-P80,583; Lieutenant Colonels-P71,313; Majors-P62,555; Captains-P56,582; and Lieutenants-P49,528.

The highest-ranked among the Police Non-Commissioned Officers—the Police Executive Master Sergeant has a monthly base pay of P38,366 while the lowest-ranked Patrolman receives a monthly base pay of P29,668.

Gen. Gamboa came up with the PNP Bayanihan Fund Challenge amid President Duterte’s public admission that the government would be having extreme difficulty in providing the basis needs of the poorest of the poor in a prolonged COVID-19 crisis.

The President thus issued a call for all Filipino patriots to unite and rally behind the national leadership in its effort to save our fellow Filipinos from the damaging economic dislocation.