PNP revamp defended, all officials on probation

October 21, 2019

IT was really an order from the President but “whatever will be the final outcome, I will take full responsibility.”

These were the words of Philippine National Police Officer-in-Charge Lieutenant General Archie Francisco F. Gamboa as he defended his decision to effect a massive revamp of key PNP positions and said all new appointees will be under a 3-month probation to see if they will retain or leave their posts.  

The PNP-OIC said he also has been given the power by the National Police Commission to designate officials in key positions based on the recommendation of the Senior Officers Placement and Promotion Board and the so-called Committee of 3 or the PNP Command Group.

Journal Group sources said that President Duterte himself wanted a PNP revamp when he presided over a joint PNP-Armed Forces command conference in Malacañang. The President asked the same question when he again met top PNP officials last week.

Gamboa explained that all new appointees must take full responsibility in the entire implementation process of all their law enforcement campaigns.

“In relation to this, I have ordered the massive revamp beginning at the National Headquarters down to the Regional levels. We expect fresh ideas, fresh enthusiasm and fresh resolve from commanders at all levels to carry their share of weight in our campaign against illegal drugs and Internal Cleansing on steroid.  

“Each one will strictly be held accountable for what his or her unit does or fails to do. Beginning today, all key positions are under probation for three months. And all promotions will be on hold. And I will make sure the ax will fall where it should if these leaders will not deliver results,” he declared.

Sources said that many officials affected by the revamp questioned the latest PNP decision last Sunday.