PNP solid behind Du30—Albayalde

September 12, 2018
Oscar D. Albayalde
PNP chief Director General Oscar D. Albayalde stresses that the 190,000-strong police force is solid behind President Duterte and his reform programs. With Gen. Albayalde is PNP Chief Directorial Staff, Director Camilo Pancratius P. Cascolan. Photo by Alfred P. Dalizon

PHILIPPINE National Police chief Director General Oscar D. Albayalde yesterday assured the public that they fully support President Duterte’s presidency and will defend it from saboteurs and destabilizers.

“We are loyal to the Constitution, the institution and the Filipino people,” the PNP chief said as he rejected anew suggestions to conduct a loyalty check on the police.  “I have said it again and again, zero, nil. We have not monitored anybody in the police force who is reportedly undermining the government, thus there is really no need to conduct a loyalty check,” he said.

Gen. Albayalde stressed that they have not heard any rumblings in the 190,000-strong police force since, if there is really discontentment with the government among police officers, it would for sure “leak.”

He said however that there could be some policemen who may have their “personal opinions” on the present situation but are keeping it to themselves.  “But personal discussion does not involve everybody in the PNP,” he added.

As a general rule, members of the uniformed service are mandated to always respect and protect the incumbent government. “If you want to take sides, you get out of the service first,” the PNP chief said.

Gen. Albayalde also said that the PNP is very thankful to President Duterte for he is the 1st Philippine leader who made true his campaign promise to double the salary of the police. He said that many presidents since the 80s have made the same vow but the promises did not materialize until the former Davao City mayor won the presidency.

“This is the reason why President Duterte enjoys the full trust and confidence of the police force,” he said.


The PNP chief also said that they will just wait for the Makati City court decision on the case of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV before making their move in accordance with the law.

He explained that the President had made it clear when he said that the “rule of law will prevail” in Trillanes’ case. “That’s following the law clearly. We will respect what the court will say, klarung-klaro ang sinabi ng Presidente,” he said.

Gen. Albayalde also called on other officials and the media not to speculate on the matter so as not to confuse the people. As of yesterday, he said that the PNP Legal Service is preparing its reply on the High Tribunal’s resolution regarding the presidential declaration that voided the amnesty given to Trillanes by former President Benigno Aquino III.

He also called on classmates of Trillanes from Philippine Military Academy Class 1995 to respect the law and remember what they have been taught in Fort del Pilar.

“It’s very possible when they are desperate,” he said. Albayalde said that the pieces of information spilled by President Duterte are also “serious information” which they need to fully verify because the President has so many sources of information.

He said that they are even verifying information regarding supposed terrorist plans to bomb some targets in the country this coming September 21. “But I would tell you na hindi na bago ang mga information na yan. Some are even rehashed, raw and unvalidated information but we have to react, we have to verify those pieces of information and possibly preempt them,” the PNP chief said.

With Zaida delos Reyes

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