PNP vows loyalty to Duterte gov’t

Oscar  Albayalde

HAVING proved itself as an institution which is loyal to the Constitution and the country’s duly-constituted authorities in its 20-year history, the Philippine National Police leadership yesterday expressed anew its solid stand behind the Duterte presidency and vowed to fight any attempt to undermine the present administration.

PNP chief Director General Oscar D. Albayalde, who will reach the mandatory retirement age of 56 on November 8, assured President Duterte that the PNP is not in any way involved in any attempt to destabilize the administration and will not launch a coup d ‘etat to grab power from the former Davao City mayor.

“I can assure the President, public na wala pong planong ganyan ang PNP,” the PNP chief said a day after President Duterte asked the Armed Forces and the PNP not to stage a coup during the remaining three years of his presidency.

He however said that the President really has “unlimited sources of information” who can inform him of anything that is happening in the country.

The PNP has been tasked by President Duterte to carry out the country’s war on drugs which so far has led to the killing of more than 6,000 armed drug offenders following shootouts with the police. At least 50 policemen have also been killed in the 3-year-old fight against drugs.

PNP spokesman Colonel Bernard M. Banac also yesterday clarified that the mere filing of an impeachment complaint against the President could not be a basis to effect an arrest.