Police academy scandal probed

October 23, 2018
Oscar D. Albayalde
Oscar D. Albayalde

PHILIPPINE National Police chief Director General Oscar D. Albayalde yesterday said he wants a full investigation into the latest scandal to hit the Philippine National Police Academy involving a cadet who allegedly forced two of his underclassmen to perform oral sex on him while his two classmates watched the act without doing anything.

The PNP chief said he wants the PNP Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management headed by Director Elmo Francis O. Sarona to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident and see to it that those responsible for the act will be punished to the hilt dismissed and barred from the police, jail or fire service.

Officials said they are looking into several theories behind the alleged incident: 1st, it could be the result of some infractions committed by the young cadets which prompted their upperclassman to order them to do the unimaginable: perform oral sex; 2nd, the possibility of a gay act; and lastly, the possibility that something’s wrong with the minds of the accused.

Journal Group sources said that there had been previous instances inside the Philippine Military Academy and the PNPA of plebes being forced by their upperclassmen to kiss each other on the lips while being forced to swallow toothpaste. “Those lips-to-lips act as a form of punishment were common before but not that oral sex act which is the worst, it’s unimaginable,” said an Academy graduate who is now a senior PNP officer.

The officer said that some policemen in fact have been accused of forcing inmates to kiss each other, some of them even caught on secret video.

PNPA director Chief Superintendent Joseph Adnol said the case has been under investigation by the local police after the parents of the plebes filed formal complaints regarding the incident.

Adnol did not identify the accused but said that the principal offender, while in the company of two 2nd Class Cadets, cornered the two plebes in a hidden part of the Academy and forced the duo to do oral sex on him. The incident reportedly took place last October 6.

The PNPA director said that it appears that the order was a “form of punishment” but maintained that they consider the act as another form of hazing which will merit the dismissal of the accused from the Academy.

Shortly after the formal complaint was lodged against the trio by the parents of the two plebes, Adnol said he ordered them placed in “isolation” while the administrative and criminal charges against them are being heard.

Gen. Albayalde condemned the incident and said it has no place in the PNPA. He also said that cadets like the accused have no place in the national police force.

He also said that last week, he already ordered the relief and reassignment to Camp Crame of PNP officers and men who have been assigned with the PNPA over the past two years. The move is aimed at preventing “familiarity” between the policemen and the PNPA staff and cadets.

Journal Group sources said that police officers and men assigned at the PNPA are themselves tolerating irregularities including “hazing” which has long been banned in all police training institutions.