Pray we weather storm –– Albayalde

September 15, 2018

CALLING on all Filipinos to pray “so that we will weather the storm,” Philippine National Police chief Director General Oscar D. Albayalde yesterday assured the public that all police search-and-rescue personnel and equipment have been prepositioned in areas that will be hit by super typhoon Ompong.

The PNP chief on Thursday placed all Luzon-based police units on full alert to ensure availability of resources and personnel for possible disaster response operations in areas being threatened by “Ompong.”

He said that apart from helping evacuate residents in landslide and flood-prone areas, police are ready to rescue people that may be stranded in the streets or caught by floodwaters inside their homes caused by torrential monsoon rains.

The PNP has already activated the National Headquarters 1st Level Battle Staff to ensure effective Command and Control of all PNP disaster response operations.

‘’We are calling on our people in affected areas to stay safe, alert and informed, and heed the orders of authorities particularly for preemptive evacuation that may be enforced. The PNP will be there where we are needed most, and together we will weather the storm,” said Gen. Albayalde.

Personnel from the PNP Special Action Force, Highway Patrol Group, Police-Community Relations Group, Health Service and all Regional and Provincial Mobile Forces were likewise placed on full alert to ensure their rapid availability for disaster response and rescue operations.

According to the PNP chief, they, in anticipation of the expected landfall of super typhoon Ompong have prepositioned their resources and personnel with disaster response capability very close to “threatened and high risk areas along coastlines, riverbanks and geohazard zones.”