President’s daughter backs legal marijuana

LIPA City, Batangas – Contrary to the stand of President Rodrigo Duterte, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio is in favor of legalizing the use of marijuana.

In an interview after the campaign sortie of the Hugpong ng Pagbabago here, Mayor Duterte said she is supporting medical marijuana bill especially if there is scientific and clinic studies.

“Sa tingin ko naman if there is scientific basis na ang cannabis ay gamot, dapat siguro hindi natin ipagkait yun sa mga pasyente na nangangailangan talaga ng ganoong gamot,” Mayor Duterte said.

The HNP founder and chairman also urged the government to just regulate the use to ensure that it will only be used for medical purposes.

The presidential daughter clarified that she strongly oppose it if used for recreational or addiction.

“ So, best if it’s regulated by the government if there is really scientific and medical basis na nakakaheal yun ng mga sakit ng mga tao,” she added.

Earlier, President Duterte changed his stand on the Marijuana Bill saying it could  be used for purposes  other than the treatment of ailments.

The President said those involved in the illegal drugs can use the measure as an excuse to further expand their business.

He added that considering marijuana as a medical drug is tantamount to condoning wrongdoing.

Already approved in third and final reading in the House of Representatives the  House Bill Bill 6157 or the Philippine Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act.

Main proponent, Isabela Rep. Rodito said the bill provides that marijuana can be used strictly for medical purposes only, particularly those patients suffering from serious and debilitating diseases.