Quarantined faithful urged to read Bible

WITH people confined to their homes amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a bishop has urged Catholics to use their time at home to reconnect with God instead of “binge-watching” Netlfix or television.

Balanga Bishop Ruperto Santos said the faithful should take the quarantine period as an opportunity to know God more deeply by reading the Bible, adding that the people, especially the youth, should also lessen their time on Netflix by reading other spiritual books.

“Having too much free time these days will enable us to give so much time to God…instead of binge-watching your favorite shows on television or Netflix,” he said.

Santos pointed out that to fast or abstain from something as a sign of sacrifice for Lent is a tradition for Christians.

He added that the isolation of people due to the coronavirus pandemic is timely for this season of suffering and self-restraint.”

“Sheltering in place provides us the time to be in the wilderness like Jesus, immersed in moments of solitude and prayers,” the prelate said.

“Let us dedicate the remaining days of Lent in purifying ourselves and offer our works of charity and devotion to God by helping those who are in need,” he also urged.