Reds denounced by ex-comrade

December 28, 2018
New Peoples Army
New Peoples Army

“NO chance of winning! We are the living witnesses, the former cadres and members of the crusade, of the wrongdoings of the NPA against the masses. Because if they are really sincere in what they are fighting for, there will come a time that they will succeed. But in reality, they are just using the implementation of peace talks to deceive the youth and try to teach them that the country is experiencing a wrong system!”

This was the statement of Ka Danny, 18 years a member of the Communist Party of the Philippines and official of the higher organ of the Legal and Unification Committee. He was also the political officer of three party-list congressmen from Bayan Muna, Anakpawis and ACT.

The communist front makes it appear that there is a leader standing for the people but in reality they are just using the people because they do not really represent the people in Congress. They are slowly losing the support coming from the masses.

“This is one of the reasons why we left the organization. While we put our lives at stake in the war we are waging, Jose Maria Sison and the other members of the higher organ are there living the comfortable life, living abroad and wasting the fund of the party. We can no longer stomach the view of the party that this is a worthy fight, winnable to be honest,” Ka Danny added.

The former members are also calling on the active members of the CPP not to deceive the youth any longer and just focus on bringing back peace and order in our country.

In remembering the 50 years of the CPP NPA NDF, this is the 50 years of fake revolutionary group that Joma Sison established being the break away group from the original Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (1930 Lava group), the group No to Communist Terrorist Group Coalition (NTCC) is urging a stop of the 50 years of lies and deceit.

Mario Ludades, spokesperson of NTCC, IP leader in the Cordillera Administrative Region and one of the 18 founders of CPP, said only Joma remains in the party and he is continuously living the grand life in the Netherlands.

It can be recalled that one by one a lot of founders detached themselves from the group because of Joma’s dictatorial rule and his “self centered” style of leadership.

For the last 50 years, CPP NPA NDF failed in delivering their promises to their members, and instead of traversing the way to democracy and success, thousands of lives have been lost for the sake of their own war.

“Those intellectual youth and individuals, those who were victims of purging in the organization come from the peasant group, workers, laborers, students, indigenous people. They are the ones who lost their lives for the sake of the so-called ‘peoples war.’ But what is really hurting is the fact that innocent civilians are the real victims of their war,” said Ludades.

Those great young people like Edgar Jopson and Lean Alejandro became victims of the wrong ideology of the CPP NPA NDF. While currently, young children are being lured to fight as NPA rebels.

The CPP NPA NDF are also using “legal fronts” and others to deceive and brainwash the youth to join the “kilusan” or movement.

They are also victimizing the members of the urban poor, farmers, laborers, fisherfolk and other members of the marginalized sectors.

“Fifty years they have become a pain on the shoulders of the masses. Here and other parts of the province, they are a menace.”

They continue to extort from people and businessmen through revolutionary taxes. Killing and threatening people if they do not give taxes. Because of this, our “economic development” is being hampered in areas where they are present.”

The youth must not be deceived any more and never patronize the fight being waged by the CPP NPA NDF.